Caring for your practice is what we care about.

Standing out for what we stand for.

What makes a practice successful?
Great doctors.

What makes a practice succeed?
Great management.

DOCTORS in private practice face two formidable challenges. They must establish and sustain a clinical program that meets the highest standards and manage practice operations within a complex and heavily regulated health care environment. Rigorous training more than prepares doctors to meet the first challenge but does little to prepare them to meet the second. Like an exceptional clinical program, expert practice management is essential not only for a practice to thrive, but to survive.

FOUNTAINHEAD PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS has a single and simple purpose – to help doctors spend less time worrying about managing a practice and spend more time focusing on patient care.

What Is Fountainhead?

Fountainhead is grounded on the principle that one company should provide the full scope of services required for a practice to effectively operate every day. Our unique organization allows us to offer a comprehensive selection of exceptional management services, including complete “turn-key” management for doctors starting a practice.

Why Choose Fountainhead

Choosing a business partner for your practice means looking beyond what you read on a web site or in a brochure. It requires a thoughtful search for a company with a sterling reputation for providing services that meet or exceed national standards (we do); a company that is willing to do whatever it takes to meet your needs (we will); and a company that is dedicated to earning, and not expecting, your trust. Our core values and our commitment to deliver outstanding services with integrity and honesty work to forge and sustain trusting relationships with the practices we serve. There simply is no other way to do what we do.

Learn More about our Practice Programs and Services

Click on the PROGRAMS and SERVICES tabs to learn more about Fountainhead solutions for your practice. Contact us to learn more about the Fountainhead model and to schedule a personalized in-depth analysis of essential practice functions. We will develop a management program that can best improve your practice operations and generate a meaningful value. Allow us the opportunity to prove that Fountainhead provides the solution for helping practices thrive and not just survive.

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