Careers Caring for your practice is what we care about.

What makes a successful practice? Great doctors.
What makes a practice succeed? Great management.

Economic conditions in health care pose significant challenges for doctors in private practice. Practice overhead continues to rise while reimbursement falls. Now, more than ever, expert practice management is essential for practice survival. Fountainhead’s professional team is helping doctors meet these challenges and succeed in today’s health care environment.

Fountainhead is a combined practice management company and licensed professional employer organization that offers a comprehensive selection of exceptional management services, including complete “turn-key” management.

Our innovative strategies are grounded in business realities. We begin with an in-depth analysis to identify office functions that can benefit from one or more of our unique programs and then show you how one or more of our programs can help your practice do better! This perspective will demonstrate how to improve practice operations and generate cost savings – the essential elements of a successful practice.

And, doctors who spend less time worrying about practice management can spend more time focusing on what doctors do best – patient care! Our philosophy is simple – at Fountainhead we do it all and do it all very well.

Fountainhead is the solution for your practice management needs.

Contact us to schedule a personalized in-depth review of our programs.

Arrange a Financial Health Check-Up for your practice.

The Financial Health Check-up includes:

  1. Evaluation of your practice billing and collection process, including comparisons to nationally recognized benchmarks for billing and collection services.
  2. Evaluation of how well practice revenue covers the cost to provide care.
  3. Analysis of office operational expense categories.
  4. Comparison of office expenses under current management to projected office expenses after one or more Fountainhead programs are implemented.

Solutions that save as little as $50 per day can be invested conservatively and grow to almost $200,000 in ten years!